Super Flexible Brush Strip - 2" Height


Super Flexible Brush Strip - 2" Height

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Super flexible 0.006” polypropylene bristles

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Super Flexible Polypropylene Brush Strip

Backing Material: Black Polypropylene
Bristle Material: Black Polypropylene
Bristle Diameter: 0.006"
Backing Size: 3/16" x 3/16"

More Flexible than McMaster-Carr Brush Strip

Early prototypes used the McMaster-Carr brush strip, but there were issues with vertical plunging. The most flexible brush strip available at McMaster has 0.010" bristles (nearly three times the cross sectional area of our brush). When plunging directly into parts these thicker bristles could resist at a force high enough to cause the machine to skip steps. Our new 0.006" bristles are significantly more flexible, while still made from a robust polypropylene material; making them perfect for CNC dust boots

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